About Jeanette Campbell



Born and raised in an Indiana family of artists, my mother and aunts laid paper, chalk, crayons and graphite into my hands encouraging me to create everything “wonderful”most every day. When outside, I would be under the trees drawing “bugs in the grass and clouds in the sky”.

Throughout grade school, junior high and high school I excelled in art. I attended Butler University completing my Bachelors Degree in Education with a major in art from the John Herron Art Institute. A Masters Degree was awarded from Indiana University in Art and Special Education. Additionally, I completed graduate work in art at San Francisco State University.

I’ve lived and taught in eight states, traveled and toured seven countries drawing and painting to capture memories. I’m currently retired and finding some time to paint. Subjects range from the youngest of memories through my living experiences and even a touch of whimsy to the fantastical.





Painting for me has always been an adventure in experimentation. I enjoy acrylic paint, as well as, adding mixed media such as paper, watercolor and metallics. This fills me with an energy that is centered, giving me the drive and peace to accomplish each canvas or wooden panel.

Starting with colors, whether bold or subtle, the background begins to emerge. However, as a painting develops the subject will also evolve. Shapes and patterns form a basis for my paintings. Having been trained in classical realism does allow me to add that aspect to a piece and mix it with my abstract ideas. I do like to include a bit of humor or whimsy and to add a hidden object in a painting.

My main goal has always been to create something that will stretch the imagination, expand the observers appreciation of art and what I have offered.